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Download and play Warpath now from today to enjoy the real time warfare with 150+ WWII real combat units, real-life officers, powerful weapons, and realistic terrain.

Conqueror the world and show everyone your stunning strategies!

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Warpath: Showdown

Warpath is the new real-time strategy WWII mobile game developed by Lilithgames. The game offers outstanding RTS battles on the realistic map terrains, which are designed based on the real-life battlefields.
When you first start the game, you will be put on an open-field map with thousands of other players.
There are 3 camps: Vanguard Division (Germany), Camp Libery (America), and Martyrs’ Watch (Soviet) in the game. You can choose either camp to start building your army.
Join any global alliances, build up the base, strengthen your armies and start conquering the world!


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